Bridals. To do or not to do?

Congratulations! You are now engaged and planning the wedding of your dreams. What fun! You are also probably still in the honeymoon phase of the planning where everything looks a million months away. Don’t blink! Time is going to get away from you a lot faster than you may think. Before you know it the big day will be here and everything is happening in a whirlwind. I do have one suggestion I would like to make that may take some of the stress of the wedding day away, BRIDALS!

What exactly is a bridal session? Its a photo session set aside for images to be taken of just the bride. Most bridals are scheduled several months before the wedding day. “But why would I even need bridals and can they really save time on my weddng day?” you might ask. In my experience, yes! Lets talk about why!

Having your bridal session months before your wedding can cut down on so much wedding day stress by eliminating the need for speed. No need to rush getting ready on your wedding day for bridals. You can spend that time with your bridesmaids and family getting the really important pictures… the memories of the day.

This is also a great time for brides to get a trial run on hair and make-up. Often times brides will find there is something they would like to change about their look for the big day. Don’t believe me just ask Anna. After her bridals she decided to go with a completely different hairstyle. She was so happy to have the opportunity to see final images of her completed look. It can also pinpoint any wardrobe malfunctions with your dress well ahead of time! That in itself will relieve so much anguish. Can you imagine putting your dress on at the final alterations appointment and it fits perfectly, but on the wedding day it doesn’t look the same due to imperfect alterations? Bridals will give you the perfect opportunity see exactly how it is going to look when you put it on yourself.

Bridals gives you flexibility on location and time of day in regards to lighting as well. Your venue may be absolutely stunning all decked out in wedding finery, but it may not be where you would like to have portraits taken. My daughter, for instance, was married in an airplane hangar. Until the day of the wedding, the hangar was used for its intended purpose. So we shopped around and found the perfect location for her bridals. Oak Crest Mansion Inn in Pass Christian, MS made for a beautiful backdrop for her portraits. There was a fee to shoot at this location, but it was well worth it! We were able to make magic there. She has so many beautiful portraits for my walls and hers. We were also able to choose the time of day we wanted for the optimal lighting conditions. In photography light is everything. If you have bad light at a location it can change the way your wedding bridals look. I can make images look great with my flashes and camera settings, but if you want beautiful sun flares in your bridals, you will have to schedule them for the evening. On the wedding day that time of day may not be possible for portraits. It also gives you another opportunity to wear your dress more than once. Who wants to feel like a princess for only one day when you can feel like one for two?!?

Having bridals made ahead of time also gives you images to print for display at your reception, to give as gifts for parents and grandparents, and to have thank you cards made in advance.

You are also so much more relaxed at bridals than you are on the big wedding day. It actually shows in the images! There is no need to feel rushed at your bridal session.

Can I choose to have bridals done after the wedding day? Absolutely! Tessa choose to have bridals done after her wedding. She wanted more creative images with the freedom to “destroy” her dress if she wanted to. Fortunately we did not damage the dress, but there was a lot less concern taken because the big day had already taken place. We were able to just have fun and get creative! I can’t tell you how much we laughed during this session.

Ultimately, in the end, the decision is up to you and how you would like for your day to go. As a mother to one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen I know I would choose bridals one hundred times over adding them to the stress of the wedding day. The picture below is on my nightstand to look at every day. I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide this for her and to help make her wedding day less stressful and more memorable.

So what are you waiting for? Call or email and lets get your session scheduled! I can’t wait to help all of you beautiful ladies capture amazing portraits while making your wedding day as stress free as possible.

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