Saying “Yes” to the dress.

There is something so surreal about making the appointment for your wedding dress shopping. Its such a happy day. You take your gaggle of bridesmaids, moms, sisters and/or brothers and let them all oooh and ahhh as you try each dress. After all, a girl needs her entourage. Dress after dress, you rifle through until…..That one.

The one that stops your heart for a split second the moment you see yourself in the mirror. The one that looks and feels like it was made for you. The one that will be immortalized in your wedding pictures forever and ever. It hugs just the right places, and relaxes in just the right ones too. As you stand there and look at yourself in this gorgeous fabric, you can imagine your entire future. This exact dress is everything you hoped it would be.

I had that feeling with my own dress, and I was blessed to be able to be there when my daughter slipped into hers for the first time. I was not only as a mother, but camera in hand to capture those special moments for her. The moment that all the emotions rushed over her and she felt beautiful, loved, and worthy.

These images may not end up in her wedding album, but she has them forever. She was able to see exactly how that dress was going to look on her in her wedding photos. That in itself gave her the opportunity to relax and carry one less worry into the best day of her life.

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